• Operational Workflow Review
  • Secondary Execution Review
  • Technology Review


  • Compare Ratio Analysis
  • Departmental Review and Comparison
  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Margin Management
  • Financial Modeling


  • Full Systems Analysis
  • Loan Origination System Implementation
  • Data Integrity Analysis on Key Points of Your Business Model
  • Conversion to Paperless Environment
  • Agency System Integrations
  • Sub Servicer Integrations
  • Encompass LOS Customizations
  • Library of Encompass 360 Custom Forms


  • Agency approvals
  • Conversion from Best Efforts to Mandatory
  • Conversion from Servicing Released to Servicing Retained
  • Investor/Warehouse Management
  • New Business Channel Plan
  • Profitability Reviews
  • Audit Management
  • Loan Officer Compensation Review


  • Analysis and Upgrading of Process Flow and Lock-Desk Procedures
  • Set and Maintain Appropriate Hedging Policies/Strategies
  • Establish and Secure Relationships with Counterparties
  • Manage Loan Data and Daily Reporting
  • Best Execution Strategies for Optimal Delivery
  • Report Daily Mark-To-Market Positions

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