Your business is set up on expectations and results. How the company fares against those is gauged through analytics. Keeping a pulse on your company's performance is critical in today's market and in order to succeed, you need to have the tools to be able to access data efficiently and it in a format to be easily analyzed.

In today's market having access to data and reacting to business changes is critical. Having your fingers on the pulse of your pipeline and processes is critical to avoiding surprises and making sound business decisions. Very often companies only look at the results on a monthly basis. We feel that is too late as a poor trend could have already caused damage. Conversely, you could have improved results if you had known about a positive item earlier.

Matchbox looks at the analytics process for each company in three stages. The first is to model out your expectations and see where you are headed. The second is the put the tools in place to make sure you can track your current performance against the expected. The last piece is making sure that you have the right review process in place to react to what the data is telling you.

Call us crazy but we all like to look at numbers in order to figure out the story they are telling. We are experienced at knowing the areas to look for and seeing the blind spots that most people miss. We work with our clients to not only build out the process but meet with the staff to ensure that they understand the impact their role has on the performance of the company.


Areas of Focus:

  • Pipeline Analysis
  • Margin Management
  • Financial Modeling
  • Budget Planning and Forecasting
  • Compare Ratio Analysis
  • Departmental Review and Comparison



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