A successful mortgage operation is broken down into two components that are dependent upon each other - originations and operations. We view operations as the heart of the mortgage process which needs to keep all departments running efficiently regardless of origination volume. A successful operation listens to the origination needs and translates them to Operational fulfillment.

Being a mortgage banker in today's market requires you to be as efficient as possible. You need an operational plan for today and where you want to be in the future. You need to understand your bottlenecks and what needs to be done to address them. The operational process is an assembly line that is dependent on many items being completed by various departments in an efficient manner. This workflow is an organic process that evolves over time and in most cases is not re visited for bad habits or a false sense of security.

As experienced mortgage banking professionals, we are passionate about improving your operations. We are operations experts, and consult with you in evaluating your workflow and all the components that affect it. We work with you to realize your areas of exposure and offer avenues for improvement for the future. We are passionate about operations and hope to convey our passion and belief in making your engine as effective as possible.

We have the insight and experience to help you point your compass and move in the right direction. In an industry where standing still is not an option, help us help you move forward!

Areas of Focus:

  • Operational workflow review
  • Secondary execution review
  • LOS and use of technology review



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