In today's mortgage market it is impossible to stay competitive without the right technology foundation. Finding the right balance between new technology solutions and loan origination can prove quite difficult in a constantly evolving workplace. Employer vision must be entirely in sync with employee usage. It is a collaborative effort on a daily basis, but when done right it will revolutionize a business.

At matchbox, our strength lies in our understanding of Loan Origination Systems. While we have worked on many systems, we specialize in the Encompass 360 loan origination software. We have been fortunate to witness many different Encompass environments in action and been able to improve business models by employing real life industry experience and knowledge to create processes that allow your business to be connected through technology.

As the business is changing, you need an LOS that can keep up with the industry and compliance change. The Encompass 360 system has proven to be a system to keep up to date with those change and support your business.

Your Loan Origination System is the heart of your business and the key component to your current and future success. Most companies only use a fraction of the LOS's offerings and technology in general. We work with our clients to make best use of their investments and find workable solutions that their users will embrace rather than fear. We specialize in customizing all aspects of the Encompass 360 system but will work with any LOS and the improved use of such.

Areas of Focus:
  • Loan Origination System Consulting
  • Loan Origination System Customization and Implementation
  • Data integrity Analysis on Key Points of Your Business Model
  • Conversion to Paperless Environment
  • Agency System Integrations
  • Sub Servicer integrations
  • Custom System Integrations
  • Library of Encompass 360 Custom Form Development

Customized Solutions:

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