matchbox Bootcamp

Your 24 Hour Virtual Trainer for Encompass

It is estimated that a single loan requires over 500 actions to take place within Encompass.

Some you see every day, some you see every month, some you see twice a year. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an online video library to provide help when you need it? Matchbox bootcamp is your key to succeeding in mastering Encompass. 

We have completed over 1,000 Encompass engagements and have learned that nothing is more important for  a new or existing user than real time support when they hit a speed-bump. 

We created bootcamp to be your real time virtual speed-bump eliminator with an 

organic library of hundreds of Encompass based support videos. 

Bootcamp will provide an ongoing supply of content-rich videos to help you dominate Encompass and your competition. 

Our videos will range from short helpful hints that can be accessed from within the 

loan file to longer workflow and role summary videos for new employees. 

Get ready to access a new world of Encompass support! 

Our Video Library    

Examples of our video content: 

  • Commonly requested “How To’s”

  • Detailed Process Reviews 

  • Release Notes Summaries 

  • Vendor Best Practices 


All video’s will be able to be accessed via multiple searches and filters, providing users helpful content within  seconds of being stuck in a loan file. 

Our library has been created by our incredible matchbox team, who are also the virtual trainers, and have decades of mortgage and Encompass experience.