Matchbox evOlution:

evOlution: a process of continuous  change from a lower, simpler or worse  state to a higher or better state

Over 12 years we have:

  • Seen over 1,000 Encompass engagements 
  • Supported over 100,000 client requests on how to best customize Encompass 
  • Invested over 250,000 hours in helping clients make best use of Encompass 

The concept for matchbox evolution (evO) was created a few years ago to utilize all that experience and build  the best Encompass that the market is demanding today. 

We started with a blank slate and devoted ourselves to building the best workflow engine in the mortgage  industry within Encompass. 

Each loan has its own path and story.

With that in mind, evO was created to promote this dynamic nature of the mortgage process. 

Broken down into dynamic departmental stories, evO will provide an intuitive, world-class, single screen  user interface for each department that is rooted in driving efficiency, reducing scrolls & clicks and leveraging  Ignite tools. 

As your business has evolved, you need an Encompass environment that will evolve with you!