HMDA Management is no longer an activity that can be completed in a few day or even weeks. It requires a consistent dedicated approach and diligence in association with your evolving business model and system updates. the matchbox HMDA Transformer offering provides this consistent support and attention to ensure your 2019 & 2020 HMDA process is not as turbulent as years past.


Review existing HMDA Policies

Our Certified Encompass admins that are HMDA experts have great experience in a full review of your existing HMDA policies and current encompass settings 

Assessment Reports

A full HMDA assessment report that details your current environment status and ability to report accurately.

Business Rule Development

Development of Encompass business rule and coding to meet expected outputs for each HMDA related field


Quarterly meetings to review and update production data to ensure timely HMDA submission in 2020

Release Notes & Updates

Ongoing release notes that are alligned with Encompass HMDA and NMLS related system updates


Continued preparation and updated programming for updated 2020 HMDA requirements