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Consumer Connect

Consumer Connect

Dear matchbox members,

This is the time of year Home Purchase applications begin to pour in and fill the pipeline. How you receive these applications and the Buyer experience is important for perception amongst the competition.

Embracing the Digital Mortgage experience and empowering buyers to complete their loan application online is expected with Millennial buyers. Sprinkle in the ability to apply for a PreApproval or automate Asset or Employment verifications and you’re seconds away from the Digital Mortgage experience catering to both Borrower expectations & Lender efficiency.

If you are not using Consumer Connect as a means of collaborating with your buyers & receiving applications through the platform, then why not? There are ample benefits to utilizing Consumer Connect as you are probably aware, but configuring your Consumer Connect site to meet Borrower expectations is critical to maximize the end results for the borrower and Lender.

Our Consumer Connect offering allows for Lenders to make key decisions associated with their custom Consumer Connect site configuration to get up and running in no time with maximum results. Consumer Connect highlights include:

Consumer Connect Offering

Complete & Full Website for loan applications & Lending info. Replace your existing Company Website or create a new look & feel for Loan Applications

Borrower Portal – use the Consumer Connect platform to replace the WebCenter old-school look & feel. Consumer Connect allows the Borrower Portal to be new & feature today’s borrower expectations from interactions with their Loan Officer.

Interview Style Application vs.Form Style Application – define the experience you want your borrowers to have when applying for a Digital Mortgage

And More!

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