matchbox University

matchbox University was born by accident. Although we saw mortgage training as a huge void, we did not intend to find a person that would be able to successfully join our mortgage training department with a fun-filled training approach. Our resident professor, John Warmus, has been able to find a balance between learning and enjoyment and continues to impress all our clients with his training process. John’s approach is to present the material in a fun, interactive way. The mortgage industry’s dependency on technology has grown over the years and in the process, the amount of training time devoted to technology has grown as well. John can speak to both your operational process as well as how it is supported in the systems and technology that resides within your organization. In addition to the actual training, matchbox University provides you with several training resources that are customized to your company. Each training program is tailored to your needs, delivered to meet your expectations, and designed to let you continue the training process as your business model evolves.

Interactive Encompass Training Program

The increasingly complex industry changes have most mortgage companies looking for the Encompass system to aid in the management of their business model. These rapid changes have also required ongoing updates to the system, however, the days of sending these updates out via mass email are over. This environment has created the need for ongoing mortgage training to keep staff current.

As former bankers who work with clients on a daily basis, we recognized this need and designed our training platform to be both consultative and educational. The Encompass training program contains a series of offerings to ensure your staff is armed with the best knowledgebase when working within the system.

We also understand that each company operates a bit differently. That’s why our Encompass training program is fully customizable, combining our market knowledge with your company’s objectives via your Encompass environment. The multiple Encompass training options have been created to keep your staff current and informed while meeting your current and ongoing needs.

Onboarding for new employees

Our employee onboarding program offers role specific training sessions designed to train your new employees within your organization. These are introductory based programs designed to provide an initial overview of your firm’s policies and procedures and Encompass system. This program is designed to have a designated continuous time slot dedicated to training new employees. These sessions will ensure that any new employee will not have to start at the company without a dedicated training session close to their start date. These sessions will be dedicated to the firm’s processes and procedures and include a review of the technology systems that are in place.

Departmental training

This offering provides role specific, guided training sessions designed to train specific departmental roles within your organization. These sessions can be dedicated to new processes and procedures or a continuous reinforcement of the current process, and are designed to speak to particular areas of weakness or exposure. The training begins with initial work sessions with your staff to determine specific topics and includes training agenda distribution, training manual creation and distribution, and meeting invite distribution.

Town hall

The Town hall offering is designed to allow for open training sessions to address current and/or pressing items of need. This program includes a standing meeting time for employees to call in for training, insight or guidance. If answers are not readily available, matchbox will obtain contact information and provide follow up when received.


As mortgage companies become more dependent upon Encompass to support their business model, the need to for consistent training continues to grow. Whether you are new to Encompass or a seasoned user, the understanding of how to utilize Encompass comes in the intersection to Training and Support. Matchbox University Transport program has been developed to help companies get to the next level in understanding and utilizing their Encompass system. To truly get to where your system needs to be, your company need to focus on both system and users – it cannot be just one. We don’t just want to help or slightly improve your system we want to transport your company to a better level.