Operational Consulting


All companies in the mortgage space are looking for the same thing. How do I close more loans with the same amount of people? It is not something that can be discovered on a spreadsheet or through a complex model. It is something that can only be learned by going behind the scenes and witnessing the players and model in action. Our Workflow Analysis engagement is an onsite program where your business and operational model is witnessed firsthand, and is focused on evaluating three distinct areas:


Evaluating talent is a key component of the engagement. It reviews the talent level within your organization as compared to others, and determines how staff members fit in your model. This determination can drive other discussions or decisions.


The mortgage industry is growing increasingly dependent on technology offerings available in the market today. Our assessment evaluates the systems that are currently in place and whether they are being used effectively. More importantly, the engagement focuses on processes that are not being supported by technology or within your Loan Origination System. Limited use or lack of use of systems within your company can and will have a big impact on your ability to scale the business.


This is the one element that is the least defined but the most obvious when meeting with a company. Management’s culture is obvious and comes through in meetings again and again. Whether you have a sales driven, compliance driven, risky, or risk adverse culture, it comes through often and very early in the engagement. And, while culture may not be able to be changed, it helps to understand it and manage to it, especially as it relates to your talent and systems.