Technology Offerings

The mortgage technology dictionary is full of acronyms and terms that create a language all its own. To adequately support clients in today’s market, this language needs to be understood. In order to understand mortgage technology, you have to speak mortgage. At matchbox, we speak mortgage.

With our core focus on improving Mortgage Banking Operations, Technology consulting and development has always been a core focus. Mortgage Technology has grown to be a significant part of any mortgage company’s ability to succeed in any market cycle. Whereas the technology discussion used to center around the Loan Origination System (LOS), today’s discussion requires a deep knowledge of the offerings in the LOS, POS, CRM, PPE, and space, with an additional focus on API development, database management, and IT Security.

With varying levels of complexity and offerings, the mortgage tech stack has become the most foundational of pillars for client and Member experience, new employee recruitment, operational efficiency, and data capture for reporting.  Your tech stack provides a great foundation for companies to build on to support their business models adequately. But as strong as your systems may be, they also require a strong understanding of the mortgage industry to take advantage of all that the various systems offer truly.

The matchbox team is comprised of mortgage bankers with diverse areas of mortgage expertise. With each technology project, we use our mortgage IQ to translate how to get the most out of the systems within your tech stack. To truly understand any system, you must understand mortgage, and our team provides our clients with that knowledge.

With over 1,000 technology engagements, our team is well-versed in all facets of supporting your technology project.  Our goal is to provide you with the best guidance and insight to ensure your technology is being utilized and supporting your clients and team for years to come.

Although each Technology engagement is customized, the following is a high-level summary of our Technology offerings

New Implementation

Whether you are implementing a system for the first time or migrating from a legacy system, you must have a deep level of insight for a successful project.  Most clients make the mistake of relying on their level of comfort and replicating their current process within the new system.

Our process is based on developing a strong partnership with our clients by working beside them throughout the entire project.

Our stage-based approach, which is listed below, ensures that the project is being managed to the specific deliverables and established timeline.

Each project starts with gaining an understanding of your current state – what systems and tools are you using to support your workflow. More importantly, what systems and tools are you not being used and need to be supported with the new system that is being implemented. Once this is understood, then we begin to determine how your model will be supported within a custom project plan that is created based  to your specifications. It begins with the Operational Readiness process and ends with a knowledge transfer to your staff to support the system going forward.

Reset 2024

Whether you are a relatively new client or one that has been on a system for years, there is a common thread of clients who have struggled with realizing the system’s benefits and not getting the most out of the system offerings.

It could be because you are somewhat new to the system and are not aware of the many functions it can perform. Or, if you have been on the system for a while, you have probably built a complex web of code and customizations that continue to create daily challenges. In either instance, you are not using a majority of the system’s native functionality. Our Reset 2024 engagement lets you hit the reset button and re-launch a new and improved version of the software to your team, that provides a strong, updated foundation for the years to come. Along with marketing, training, and support, all Reset 2024 projects provide a strong reset to a system that you may not have been utilizing to its fullest

Virtual Assist

The Virtual Admin offering provides access to matchbox’s team of technology experts to support your systems support needs on an ongoing basis. The Virtual Admin provides a full-time on demand access to a virtual support team that can also support minor development requests to support your business. Whether it is to cover for a vacation, an extended period of coverage, or overall additional coverage to your team, the Virtual Admin offering provides short or longer teem support from the matchbox team. The Virtual Assist engagement can be structured in multiple ways for your needs.

Areas of coverage that are included, but not limited to

  • Help Desk Support
  • Configuration Support

Customization Support, which can include the following:

  • Creating and managing user accounts
  • Troubleshooting and Technical Support
  • Milestone and Milestone Template Development and Implementation
  • Persona Management and updates
  • User Groups Management and updates
  • Business Rule Development and Management
  • Custom Input Form Design and Implementation
  • Development and Implementation of Workflow Improvements
  • Mortgage Based departmental best practices insight on requests
  • Full access to matchbox team of mortgage bankers for mortgage banking workflow requests
  • Documents and Custom Document creation and updates
  • Pipeline View, Reports, and Dashboard creation and updates